Residential State Supplement or RSS?

What is the Residential State Supplement (RSS)?

The Residential State Supplement (RSS) program is a supplementation program that provides financial assistance to adults with disabilities who wish to live in the community. Individuals who enroll in RSS have increased needs due to a disability, such as a mental illness diagnosis, that are not severe enough to require long-term care in an institution, such as a nursing home or hospital. Eligible individuals use RSS to pay for accommodations, supervision, and personal care services in eligible living arrangements, such as Residential Class 2 Facilities or Adult Care Facilities (ACF).

The Allowable Fee is what you pay the facility operator monthly to cover room and board. The RSS benefit is combined with other supplemental income, such as Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSI/SSDI). The cost/coverage is now $1,600.00 per month. After paying the Allowable Fee, recipients of RSS should have at least $200 additional for spending money or personal allowance. This would be a total of $1,800.00/month for eligible consumers.

OhioMHAS is responsible for administering RSS and determining non-financial eligibility for the program itself. OhioMHAS collaborates with the County Department of Job & Family Services (CDJFS) offices statewide, which are responsible for determining ongoing financial eligibility for RSS. Once you are in enrolled in RSS, you should receive your first RSS benefit within one month of moving into an Eligible Living Arrangement (Residential Class 2 Facility or ACF). You or your Representative Payee will receive the RSS benefit monthly, either by a mailed check or direct deposit into your bank account. If you or your Representative Payee do not receive your RSS benefit as expected, please contact your local CDJFS office directly to confirm the mailing address and/or bank account information.

You can find necessary forms and apply for RSS at Please submit the application to OhioMHAS via or fax to (614) 485-9747.