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Representing the Ohio Residential Facilities Class 2 and 3 industry. To continue to improve the quality of service and care. To provide training, technology, and advocacy for this purpose. To advocate for the general well-being and the enhancement of adult care facilities. To advocate for the continuing availability of adult care facilities in all Ohio Counties. To provide training to member-operators and enhance the effectiveness of their adult care facilities. To assure appropriate treatment for Ohioans living within adult care facilities…

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Searching for an adult care facility? Take a look at our locator to help you find a home today.

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Have a home? For all your Residential 2 and 3 home needs as an owner or operator.

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Looking to start your own Residential 2 or 3 home? Here’s what you need to know how to start.

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Expanding: Using the Ohio Landbank for Residential 2 and 3 Homes Powerpoint Presentations

In an effort to explore opportunities to expand the number of Residential Facilities Class 2 and 3 the Ohio Adult Care Facilities Association has partnered with the Ohio Landbank Association...

Winter Weather/Extreme Cold Facts Sheet

ODH Winter Weather Fact Sheet PUBLIC HEALTH RESOUCES AND INFORMATION FACT SHEET  Preparing for Winter Weather/Extreme Cold  The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is encouraging awareness of winter weather and...

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