Adult Care Facilities Ohio

Why an Adult Care Facility (ACF)?

Adult Care Facilities (ACF), or Residential Class 2 or 3 Facilities, offer a family dynamic, structure and routine, supervision, and care coordination. ACFs were developed in response to the closing of state hospitals and institutions since the 1980’s throughout the state of Ohio. ACFs are licensed through the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) who consistently renew these homes to make sure proper protocols are being followed with an imperative focus on proper treatment and care of the residents that they serve.

The ACF industry is not a lucrative business model, so rest-assured that those providing care to your loved ones are in this line of work because they care and love what they do. These facilitators, or operators as we like to call them, come from all walks of life and shared experiences with mental illness and other disabilities. These operators have all felt a calling to care for the residents that they tend to. Operators and their staff members are required to take specific trainings throughout the calendar year to continue their education on how to best provide quality services and care to those who suffer with mental illness. These trainings are offered for free through OhioMHAS’ Learning Series.

Many ACFs are located within 5 miles of community resources, such as bus lines for transportation, behavioral health agencies for case management services, and even day programs to invigorate your loved one’s interests and passions. Room, board, meals, and assistance with medication are included within these facilities.

Regardless of what type of supports are needed for your loved ones, please know that Adult Care Facilities are an affordable and beneficial option in the housing world.